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Where modern design and craftsmanship delight the senses

Anna María Sveinbjörnsdóttir was born in 1961, in Iceland. Faithful to herself, Anna Maria emphasizes her Danish and Icelandic know-how, her eye for the smallest detail, committed to capture pure perfection and surprise her customer with timeless design and unique quality. Her vision is to create jewelry where modern design and craftsmanship delight the senses.

For over twenty years, jewelry designer Anna Maria has created her things of gold and silver. Exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship create the elegant simplicity that shines through Anna Maria’s products.

In 1986 Anna Maria founded her jewelry workshop in Reykjavík. Her collections soon became sought after for their modern and classic design. Anna Maria has a variety of jewelry for both men and women. They encompass silver, gold, white gold, Icelandic stones as well as precious stones. Here you will find the pure and timeless design of Anna Maria.

Anna María Design

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